Better Management of Internal Resources and Staffing Flexibility

Finding reliable and well-informed team members can also be an exhausting and costly venture for both you and your hiring manager. Finding just the right candidates consumes time and money while outsourcing solves that problem by default.

Our Services

Network Monitoring

From the firewall to the end user, network monitoring, filtering and reporting are the first line of defense in today's security attacks.

Software Management

Keeping software up to date is the first step in keeping them secure and ready for the next workday. Deploying updates and patches is a mandatory step in protecting your assets.

Backup and Recovery

The purest way to save money in a ransomware situation is to have a reliable backup system alread in place. While paying a ransome may get some data back, a reliable backup solution will guarantee it.

Website Design

Whether you need a website overhaul or just a few edits or changes, our staff are versed with all modern day coding and platforms.

Hardwdare Repair

From cell phones to servers to workstations, today's networks are more expensive than ever and the cost to replace devices are not necessary as many of the parts are readily available and much less expensive to repair.

Workflow Optimization

Utilizing all the company's technology, we will devise a plan to make your company more efficient in your daily workflow and take full advantage of low cost or already paid for services that you use.

Why choose us?

Minimal Management With Maximum Efficiency

Process outsourcing is the future of IT. Offices require equipment, constant management, and continuous training if you want your staff to be at the top of their game at all times. Companies that outsource their IT services don’t have to worry about this because the service provider handles training and management while your key members focus on what matters. Outsourcing also means you benefit from the advanced business technology that the third-party service provider leverages as part of their outsourcing process.

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What we can provide

Full-Service Help Desk

Apart from ticketing forms, employees have the option to contact a support agent by chat, email, phone or any other communication method provided by the help desk.

Disaster Recovery

With proper planning and implenmentation, we can alleviate and manage an already stressful event and guide you through recovery.

Uninterrupted Service

Proactive maintenance during off hours help end-to-end networking and a continuous flow of functionality for internet, intranet, and extranet.

On-Site Support

Especially important when power, service or hardware issues are preventing remote support to connect or employee/company workflow is stopped.

Hardware as a Service

This procurement model that is similar to leasing or licensing in which hardware is leased to you instead of purchasing upfront.

Reduce labor costs

The primary reason why you are still reading. Outsourcing makes more sense than providing benefits to a company employee.


$20 /user per month

Home Office Support

  • 1-5 users on network
  • Network monitoring
  • Email support
  • Lifetime updates

$500 /month


  • Unlimited users on Network
  • Network Monitoring
  • Security/Software Patching
  • Backup/Restore Validation*
  • Priority email support
  • 24/7 support
  • Lifetime updates

$35 /user per month

Small Office

  • up to 15 users on Network
  • Network Monitoring
  • Security/Software Patching
  • Limited Backups
  • Priority email support
  • Lifetime updates

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